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Lenore Morris is a lawyer and business owner in Whitehorse, Yukon. Active in the com-munity and passionate about the environment, Lenore hopes to use the skills she’s developed in her career to advance the causes that she cares deeply about: environmental protection, economic sustainability, social justice and democracy.

In addition to a Law degree from the University of Victoria, Lenore has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trent University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Montana. She jokes though that her proudest academic achievement is being the Class of 1980 valedictorian at Robert Service School in Dawson City, Yukon. Total graduating class size: six. 

Since 2006 Lenore has run her own law practice. Prior to that she worked for four years at the Yukon Government Department of Justice and for two years at the Whitehorse law firm of (then) Preston Lackowicz & Shier. Lenore is dedicated to our local community and volunteers for a number of local organizations including the Kluane Mountain Music Festival and Whitehorse Soccer Legends. In 2013 she received Yukon Soccer Association’s Volunteer of the Year award. Lenore believes that strong communities and vibrant ecosystems grow healthy citizens. 

Lenore is the youngest of three sisters. Her mother, Margaret Morris, was widowed when Lenore was a child. Lenore credits the strength, character and encouragement of her mother for launching her and her sisters’ academic and professional careers. Inspired by her mother, Lenore provides support and encouragement to her two adult sons, Sterling and Jordan.

Lenore enjoys the many outdoor opportunities that the Yukon offers, including paddling, hiking and skiing. Lenore is an avid off and on-road cyclist and can regularly be seen biking the streets of downtown Whitehorse. If you see her, say "Hi". 

Lenore has been a member of the Green Party’s Yukon Electoral District Association since 2012; for the past three years she has served as its Financial Agent. Lenore is proud to be a member of the one federal political party courageous enough to tell Canadians the truth about the state of our environment, and what we need and can do to sustain it.